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With a belief, that once a thought, idea, opinion comes on pen and paper, it becomes immortal- Café encourages its members to pen down their thoughts and opinions and share it with the world.

In this section we share write ups by our members in various forms and languages.

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“Mystical Mandalas” – by Jyoti Agarwal

To my friends I may be an entrepreneur, teacher and artist but to my cafe members I am the ‘Mandala Queen’, a tag I have come to love and adore. As we begin our new journey of posts and blogs I would like to share my insight into this art form that has captivated my heart […]

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जहाँ सपनो को मिली नयी उड़ान ❤️ – सरोज अगरवाल

बचपन के उस मासूम लम्हे में ,कुछ सपने संजोए थे मैंने।तब कहां समझ पाए थे कि,जिम्मेदारी की बेड़ियां पड़ेगी पैरों में।कुछ अरमान रह गए दिल में,कुछ मुक्कमल हो गए।कुछ की तो धुंधली सी सी छाया अभी भी बाकी है दिल में।समय की परतों को हटा कर वह ख्वाब कभी कभी झांकते हैं,इस बढ़ती हुई दहलीज […]

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Balance the Unbalanced!- Cafe Editor- Priya Jalan

Who coined this term? This word should have sounded like “onomatopoeia”. Difficult to pronounce! Only to highlight the sheer unreachability of this idealistic concept, which we all try to achieve but end up at being on varying levels of it. The contemporary mentors and advisors of aspiring women has advised to achieve a fine balance […]

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Lets see the world without our blinkers! – Sarika Shah

We put blinkers and see, It’s all about I and me….. There’s more than what meets the eye, Our perceptions differ, its not a lie. The truth is that everything is relative, Things are not same but subjective. Our paths are different though they cross, We fail to understand this and incur a loss. Loss […]

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Lets redefine Failure – session takeaways by Poorvi

Don’t we all remember our 10th grade result. Everyone at school cuddles together to get the glimpse of black board in which pieces of A4 size paper had saga of all the student’s past and future. What an adrenaline rush!. What is this emotion that gives us butterflies in stomach? Have we ever tried to […]

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4 ways to nurture the Growth Mindset in our children – Charulata

I came across an interesting TED talk by Carol Dweck and was introduced to this beautiful concept called ‘The Growth Mindset’. The Growth Mindset is the most valuable gift we can give ourselves at any point in our lives. What is a Growth Mindset? It means that our brain is everchanging throughout our lives and […]

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Heart to Heart with my Boys- Akanksha Srivastava

I am a mother of two boys and when my boys were around eight and five years old, I came across a WhatsApp message that discussed how the writer had told her son about “maintenance periods”. She had told him that like everything needs maintenance, her body needed maintenance too. She had also informed him […]

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My eyes were wet but I was not crying. My mind and heart both were speaking different languages. Indecisiveness confused me that whether it was anger or sorrow which made my eyes wet. Nothing very big happened today but a series of events forced me to give a deep thought in today’s episode. It was […]

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Corona related Myths – an insight by Meenu Agarwal, Food n Wellness

1)MYTH: I have been always eating healthy food, I can’t be infected by COVID-19. • FACT: You cannot prevent the Covid-19 infection through diet. However, always following healthy eating habits will help you to recover soon & maintain your immune system to fight against the virus. 2) MYTH: Eating chicken can spread coronavirus. • FACT: […]

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A beautiful ode to parents – Renu Bhuwania

मेरा नाम रेनू भुवानिया है,मैं एक हाउस वाइफ हूं।यह कविता सिर्फ मेरी नहीं, उन हर लड़कियों की है जो शादी के सालों बाद भी अपने बचपन को नहीं भूल पाती। आज भी याद हैशादी के पहले माता-पिता के साथ बिताए हर पल,आज भी याद है !बचपन जो उनके साथ बीता,आज भी याद है!काश, वह दिन […]

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WOMAN – A symbol of Shakti, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga- Jasmine Bhatia

She is not only multi-talented but also multi-tasker. A woman is much more powerful than she thinks. If a woman decides, she can do anything. She heals with her warmth and love.She is both soft & strong at heart and supple & tough in body. Are we upbringing the girls in a way that they […]

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Social Distancing Bringing People Together- An Irony by Nature- Surbhi Sikarwar

“The power of God is with you at all times through the activities of mind, senses, breathing and emotions; and is constantly doing all the work using you as a mere instrument.” -Bhagavad Gita Today just randomly, I penned down my thoughts on the current scenario, faced by billions of people around the world, reminding […]

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