YCAFE Champs

YCAFE- Young Changemakers and Future Entrepreneurs is a social initiative for the young generation to channelise them to the right direction

  • Conducting Workshops on student challenges, art and digital innovations etc. by young mentors who have recently been through the experiences.
  • Fostering leadership and entrepreneurship qualities.
  • Inspiring them through the young achievers journey.
  • Volunteering opportunities to utilise time

Our YCAFE members are buzzing with talent and aspirations. This section is all from the young champs. Find their stories, articles, artwork, blogs and other creative posts.

#saynotobodyshaming – result of Internalized Misogyny? by Nandini

Body shaming has affected humans all over the world for decades now, and its growing day by day. With social media factoring in towards such toxicity, it’s what our loved ones say, that matters most. While some people face degrading comments and messages from strangers online, some people have faced this issue with their family […]

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Autobiography of a Photograph- Shaurya Almal

I am 1 year old Shaurya sitting on the 11-year Shaurya’s desk watching him grow in front of me. I see my older self-growing up with lots of strength, love and hard work. I see him play, dance, learn, talk and even talk in sleep. I really don’t like sitting there but I have to […]

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Autobiography of a Rain drop- Aarav Agarwal

It was a hot summer day. It was scorching heat and lands were dry. When the water from the River Yamuna evaporated and I became water vapor ,my life’s journey started. After evaporation, a process called condensation took place in the clouds that were formed 1 and a half days ago. I again returned to […]

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Autobiography of a Journal- Priyall Parekh

I’m someone who knows every dark and embarrassing secret of the little girl that trusts me. I know she slipped on a banana peel and fell on a heap of mud; I know she hates her cousin sister and I also know she would love to have a golden retriever named ‘Tom”. She may not […]

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Autobiography of a Roller Coaster – Pragya Gupta

I’m a rollercoaster and I live in NiccoPark, Kolkata. My name is Cyclone. I’m 750m in length and 55ft tall. I was born in 2003. I’m an adult now. My grandpa, Leap-the-Dips lives in Lakemont Park, Atloona. He’s too old. We are a huge family throughout the world. We are generally found in the amusement […]

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Autobiography of iPhone X – Yaahvi Kamalia

Hey, my name’s iPhone X ! I became a part of Yaahvi’s life when she turned 13. Boy, was she excited! She wouldn’t even remove the plastic film on my screen. So now let me tell you all something about myself. I was designed by Chief Jonathan Ive. I have a brother named Siri. He […]

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YCAFE Opinions Club

Young minds are buzzing with opinions and thoughts- we are creating a platform for them to let it out for the benefit of one and all! A proper Direction to mind at this young age is the best thing which can happen- and its happening at YCAFE, where we give assist youth to utilise their […]

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C for Creativity!! YCafe Champ Yaahvi Kamalia

The world may lead you to one way and your heart may lead you towards another. Ensure that you’re always in the path your heart agrees with !- Anonymous ‘C’ for Creativity !I am Yaahvi Kamalia. I study in La Martiniere For Girls. I’m 11 years old. I have been an art enthusiast ever since […]

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YCAFE Champ- Jagriti Barmecha

Jagriti is a art lover and she made every YCAFE member fall in love with the water color art. Simple strokes created beautiful pieces. At YCAFE champ we give opportunity to members to showcase their talent and also gain confidence in the process.

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